Cardiff Software’s TELEform Information Capture System enables businesses and government organizations to quickly and easily capture and convert paper-based and electronic forms into digital data that can be leveraged departmentally or throughout the enterprise. Designed to support global workforce, TELEform can set-up to remotely design forms, capture documents and verify information. TELEform reduces manual data entry costs by up to 90%, accelerates processing time and increases data quality to deliver measurable benefits by automatically cleaning and confirming data with business-rules processing and database validation. TELEform rovides business and organizations an automated information on-ramp for Web-based content and document management systems.


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Generating Real Business Value with TELEform®

Cardiff's TELEform is a high-volume, network-based solution that enables businesses to easily and accurately capture information and convert existing paper forms into digital data, virtually eliminating the need for manual entry. Automated data capture is faster, more accurate, less expensive and more fluid than traditional data gathering methods, improving your organization's business model and allowing it to operate at its full potential.

Automation of data and document capture offers a rapid return on investment that creates a strategic competitive advantage.

  • Reduces manual data entry costs by up to 90% - Frees up resources for other more critical projects.
  • Improves processing time by 500% or greater - Enables your staff to be more productive.
  • Increases data quality - Automatically cleans and confirms data with business-rules processing and database validation.
  • Accelerates delivery of data and documents to your system - Allows for efficient storage and data access.
  • Leverages current system investments - Enables easy integration with existing applications and databases.

Accuracy, speed, scalability and versatility make TELEform the single answer for all your high-volume document capture, data collection and information processing needs.

Information Capture for High-Volume Applications

A growing list of leading Global 2000 organizations have automated their forms processing and document capture applications using Cardiff TELEform. TELEform has a proven reputation for ease-of-deployment, return-on-investment and a low cost-of-ownership - all requirements for line-of-business applications. Why do organizations select TELEform?

  • TELEform reduces the time and costs associated with data entry by up to 90%
  • TELEform automatically cleans and confirms data with business rules processing
  • TELEform delivers data to your organization faster than any other method
  • TELEform will pay for itself through return-on-investment and improved productivity
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